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First Baptist Church Hickory
 About God 
If you have accessed this section of our Web Page, you probably have some feeling of wanting to know more about God and how to have him in your life.  We’re glad you’re interested.
The Bible says every person needs God.  It also says God loves each one of us more than we know.  He loves us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus, to earth.  It was God’s plan for Jesus to die for us, because his death has paid the price for every thing we have ever done that was a sin.  In Jesus, our sins have been paid for and forgiven. 
Here’s how you can have him in your life:
  • Agree with God that you need him.  Each of us is a sinner.  God says that, if we ask him, he will forgive us for our sins.  So the beginning point is to realize that we need for our sins to be forgiven and to ask God to give us his forgiveness.
  • Put your faith in Jesus, God’s Son.  This means trusting God when he says he has paid for your sins through the death of his Son.  It means trusting that God will bless, guide, and protect you.
  • Give Jesus the control of your life.  Strange as it may seem, the only way we can be truly happy and free is to give the control of our lives to God’s Son, Jesus.
  • Become actively involved in the life of a church.  The church is God’s people.  Through the church God gives us a spiritual network of believing friends who share our lives with us and love and serve the Lord with us. 
God has put First Baptist Church here to love him, to love all people, and help us make Christian disciples.  We are here to help you.  
If you would like to speak with someone about coming to know God in a real way, please call our church office at (828)328-2031. The ministers on our staff would love to talk with you.
   God bless you. 
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    Sunday Morning Schedule
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    Wednesday Evening Schedule
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